General issues

How to register in the system?

On the main page of our site there is a button "Register". You just need to enter your email address and come up with a password. Also you can go to the "Account" tab and already from there to make a registration - there is no difference.

How to recharge the balance?

After successful registration you will be taken to your personal account. On the left, in the menu, there is a button "Add balance". Our service works with almost all popular payment systems: electronic purses QIWI, WebMoney, bank cards Visa, MasterCard, etc.

I refilled the balance, but the money did not arrive, what should I do?

You can safely write about this to us. But! We want to notify you that the terms for crediting funds to your personal account in the system are not always the same. It all depends on the payment system. If, for example, QIWI is heavily loaded at this point in time, the timing of the transfer of money will be somewhat delayed. In any case, replenishment of funds on our site rarely takes more than 2 hours. If you expect longer, then feel free to contact us - we will help to speed up the process.

Why do I need a virtual phone if I have a mobile phone?

The fact is that modern social networks and other resources require registration of the phone number and its confirmation. This is protection against multi-accounts (when one person creates many accounts). Therefore, if you want a new account for VK or Instagram, but registration for your phone number is not available, then our service is at your service. If you make mailings, then you are familiar with the concept of spam protection - use the services of our website and work with many different phone numbers. In fact, the industry of sms-activations and the use of virtual numbers is relatively new. Therefore, the scope of our resource is constantly growing. The interface of the site is arranged so that even the beginner understands what services we offer.

How quickly do SMS messages arrive?

Instantly. It all depends on the speed of the mobile operator in a given period of time. Our system automatically and instantly displays the message text on the screen.

Subtlety of work

Project rules

1. Activation order
- 1.1. In the left table on the main page of the user cabinet select the service and press the button order.
- 1.2. Wait for SMS to arrive and display its contents in front of the corresponding number.
- 1.3. If there is an error and you want to stop working with this service, you need to press the button order to cancel the order, or the order will be canceled automatically after the maximum waiting time.
- 1.4. The maximum waiting time for incoming SMS is from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the country, after which the allocation of the number is completed.


2. Prices and procedure for debiting funds
- 2.1. The cost of activations is written off according to the price list (displayed in the left table on the main page of the user's cabinet).
- 2.2. Money is written off from the balance upon the successful completion of the operation.
- 2.3. If an error occurs during the processing of the order or when it is canceled by the user, the money is returned to the account.
- 2.4. If the number is selected but not used (that is, you did not see the code from the SMS), you can cancel the operation at any time without any penalty. In the event of abuse, sanctions will be imposed at the discretion of the moderator.


3. Operations history
- 3.1. The history of account transactions (expenses and deposits) is stored in your account and is available in the left menu "Balance history". If the limit is reached in 500 operations with the "Order" type, the corresponding operations on movements of funds older than 1 month will be automatically deleted. Account replenishment operations are stored forever.
- 3.2. Order history is available in the right table on the main page of the user's cabinet. When the limit of 500 orders is reached, the corresponding orders older than 1 month will be automatically deleted.


4. Limitations and responsibilities
- 4.1. It is forbidden to use the service for any unlawful purposes.
- 4.2. It is forbidden to use the service to make paid subscriptions.
- 4.3. Activation is not allowed in online payment systems (Qiwi, Webmoney, etc.).
- 4.4. The use of errors or gaps in the system of security of service is prohibited and is qualified by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.


5. Responsibility
- 5.1. We are not responsible for the use of numbers in payment systems, all actions with payment systems are carried out solely at the fear and risk of the end user who acquired the activation.
- 5.2. We are not responsible for incorrect programming of the API, or for other software errors that the user allows, misinterpreting the API documentation. Return of funds for software user errors - not provided.

I got a number, but when I enter it when registering VK, the system says that the number is already taken. Why?

The fact is that if a person registered the VK page on the phone, but then stopped using his SIM card, the operator will give this number to the new subscriber for use. However, VK will still prohibit registration to this number, although a person thinks that he has acquired a new SIM card. Here we see a similar picture. Cancel the order and try to take another number.

I took the number, but the SMS did not come, or the number is already registered on the service, the money was withdrawn, and I could not make the account! Return the money!

If you did not receive the code from the service, then the money will be returned to you automatically within 15-20 minutes from the receipt of the number. We do not have penalties for unused numbers, but if you abuse, we reserve the right to ban you.

I received the code, but it does not fit, you made a mistake and gave me the wrong code, return the money!

If the code came, then we consider your activation paid regardless of whether it came up to you or not, because we can not verify it. If the code does not suit you, you can press the repeat button and request another code for this number - it's free, you can do it as many times as you like, there are no restrictions on SMS from one service to one number.

I registered a page VK / OK / Yandex a few hours / days / months ago and now I need to take another SMS to this number. How to be?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive a repeated SMS on our website, because we are driving a large number of numbers per day and storing them in an orderly order is an extremely time-consuming task.

I see on the blue background in my personal account the inscription "Your API-key: ........". What does it mean? Do I need to enter this somewhere?

No. Do not pay attention to the API-key, if you are not going to integrate your software with our service. Did not you understand anything? =) Then pretend that you have never seen this frame with an API-key.

How to change the password? I have suspicions that my account was hacked.

If you doubt that you are using the account solely, then write about it in technical support - we "freeze" the account before changing the password. To change the password yourself, go to the "Account settings" tab, enter the old password and create a new one twice.

How do I know when new numbers arrive?

On our Telegram channel: t.me/smsonlinepro — fresh information about new phone numbers, connected services (new services and features) - read the Telegram channel in order to keep abreast of the latest developments. Also at the top of the site, in the personal account, there is a news line, which reflects the upcoming changes in the system and other important news for the work.

Repeated SMS

There are a number of countries that allow you to repeatedly receive SMS for the same service, in most cases it's free (with the exception of China, where the price of a second SMS is the same as that of the first one).

If you need to pay for the SMS message again, it will be indicated as follows:

If the repeated SMS is free and available - it will be shown so:

The opportunity to receive a second SMS, as a rule, varies from 2 to 24 hours.

After you receive the first SMS, you need to click on the characteristic sign indicated by the red arrow, then, provided that the number is still available, you can use it to receive a second SMS.

Attention! If you give up the number, you can not use it anymore, the same applies to timeouts. (If you get too many numbers that reach the timeout status, contact technical support).

Also we have the opportunity to use the repeated SMS via our API:

Random selection of numbers from different countries

If you have thought about how to take numbers for the selected service from different countries, while randomly mixing the numbers of these countries, we will now tell you about it.

For example, you want to take numbers for the service "instagram" simultaneously from the countries: Kazakhstan and China. (in the event that one of the countries ends numbers, only numbers from those countries that have numbers for issuance will be taken).

You need to go to the Account settings.

And click on the button "Nothing selected"

Then, you need to select from the drop-down list those services that you want you to be given at random, in our case, this is "instagram".

After the selection is made, press the "save" button.

Then you can go to the "Receive SMS" section and through the "Random out of 2" button you can get one of the random service numbers selected earlier.

You can also do this through our API, automate through your programs random selection of the numbers of the required services.