About us

A virtual phone number online is the ability to receive messages regardless of where you are in the world. The main thing is access to the network.
To perform all the necessary actions on the network, you do not need a real mobile phone - the service functions regardless of whether you are in the coverage area of the mobile network or not.
All that is required of you is to replenish the account of your virtual number. You do not need special equipment and a sim card.

Why do I need a virtual phone?

  • If you make regular mailings, then you just need to have dozens of telephone numbers, so that the message is guaranteed to reach the subscriber.
  •   Confirm registration on social networks and other services - now you can register multiple accounts on any site that you can use for your own purposes.
  •   You can use your virtual number to protect against spam of the main phone when registering on suspicious resources.

The main advantage of a virtual phone can be considered cheap. It turns out that you have a phone that you can use for different purposes - an unobstructed flight of your imagination is guaranteed.

Your personal phone number online is a guarantee that you will always be in touch! There are situations when a person lost a phone, forgot to pay for it, accidentally left home when he was packing things up for a trip.
Together with us - this is no longer a problem! All you need is access to the Internet.

How it works?

Receive SMS messages to a virtual number from any available services


Register an account on our system


Refill your balance


Get SMS from any service

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Lowered the cost of the service
For Kyrgyzstan and Poland now for 20 rub.